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Damu Holloway

This is Mr. Holloway, our new Secretary and current Project Manager. He is responsible for planning and overseeing projects within our organization, from the initial ideation through to completion. He coordinates people and processes to deliver projects on time, within budget and with the desired outcomes aligned to objectives. He is also the owner/operator of DK Holloway Trucking, and is an expert in the field of transportation. 

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My Story

 I entered the work force at the age of 13 with my first job in janitorial services. At 15 I started work for the city of Fresno as a snack vendor for the convention center. When I turned 16, I started working for Wendy's fast-food restaurant and quickly moved up to lead worker because of my hard work and fast learning. While working at Wendy's, I took on a second job selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners all while still in High School. After graduating high school, I landed a full-time position working for Fresno County's Valley Medical Center as a Dietary Aide. While working as a dietary aide, I went to Microcomputer Education Center and received a certificate of completion in the DOS system. I then transferred within Fresno County from Valley Medical Center to Social Services as an Office Assistant and within one year, earned two promotions. After two years of working for Social Services, I decided to follow my childhood dream, and went to Western Pacific Truck Driving School and received my Commercial Driver’s license. While growing up, my mother would take in foster children and after seeing children who were abused and/or abandoned, I decided that I too would be a foster parent. So, I did both Truck Driving  and became a foster parent as well. I excepted all the kids that I was called to provide a home for. I would work with these children to build self-esteem, help them with their studies which lead them to improve their academics. If the child was eligible to work, I would help them to develop interviewing skills by having mock interviews and help them with how to make themselves marketable in the workforce. I was a foster parent for 13 years, but do to the demands of trucking, I retired from foster parenting. I have been in the Trucking industry over 20yrs from being a truck driver, mechanic, safety manager, ton now being the Owner of DK Holloway Trucking. With the many years in the transportation industry, I have become very knowledgeable of Federal, State, and local laws pertaining to transportation.


I'm always looking for positive new and exciting opportunities to bring to our communities. Let's connect.

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