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Craig Givens

Mr. Givens is on our team of Education Specialists. He helps in developing and implementing plans and goals for the organization's Educational Department, as well as coordinates and supervises projects, particularly with our Quantum Aviation Experience. As an Educational Specialist, he designs, evaluates and provides recommendations for curriculum planning, lessons and teaching methods. Mr. Givens also helps to align and communicate expectations and progress among students, parents/guardians, instructors and community stakeholders. 

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My Story

Hello, my name is Craig Givens. My professional experiences have lead me down many paths. I am an Author, Scholar, Educator, Teacher, and Content Developer. I taught multiple subjects for 21 years including: Math, History, Language Arts, Computer Applications, Website Development, and Computer Programming. I also worked as a Senior Financial Analyst, Network Administrator, Capital Fund Analyst and Joint Venture Accountant. I have experience in Maintenance / Construction laborer and Entrepreneurship(Choo Choo’s Bar-Be-Cue Express). I am also the President of The African American Education & Economic Policy Group, an organization  that seeks to provide a high-quality education to our community through its Natural Way Learning program. I am passionate about empowering our people with high-quality education because I know that it will provide us with  the ability to function in excellence as a collective. Education is the key to building a strong autonomous community.


I'm always ready for new and exciting opportunities to help. Feel free to reach out!

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