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K. Jones, Jr.

Removing the "STIGMA" From Mental Health Services AND Teaching Today's Technology for Tomorrow's Success

Dr. Jones has a passion for technology and psychology. In his youth, he received his first certification in the area of basic electronics. This was the spark that inspired his increase in knowledge as he mastered intermediate and advanced coursework. It was also during this time that he began working with special education students, which led him to discover that helping those in need was also a passion, especially when dealing in the area of mental health and awareness. He earned his Technical Degree in Network Systems Engineering while also acquiring professional certifications from Microsoft and the Electronics Technician Association  Dr. Jones’s insatiable quest for knowledge led him to earn a double bachelor’s degree in a unique blend of Psychology and Information Systems. He then pursued a Master of Art’s Degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology. His education concludes with his becoming a highly esteemed candidate for a Doctoral Program of Clinical 

Psychology, earning his PhD in mid 2021. He has authored many courses designed for Career and Technical Education and originated various curriculum and training programs with regard to mental health awareness.  He is experienced in working with specialized populations and is highly sought after for his expertise in his fields of mastery. Dr. Jones is the Founder and President of Handle It Helping Hands, through which he is actively involved in community outreach and activism. 

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